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Psa 147:7: Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; Sing praises on the harp to our God,

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Online Mezmur Help

Welcome to Online Mezmur. On this page you will find various features, links, and buttons explained so that you know how to use our website so that you can make the most out of it. First of all the purpose why Online Mezmur was created was to handle Church needs regarding what to show on projector screens during various Church services. This website can also be used to display on projector screens in various Christian meetings.

Our Services

Online Mezmur provides member and non-member based services. Registered members have the following features available to them.

  • Members can schedule song lyrics that they want to display on projector screens on a given day.
  • Members can add their song lyrics and maintain them.
  • Members can maintain their private song lyrics which are not made available to anyone else.
  • Members can add song lyrics that they can make available to others.
  • Members can upload images which they have prepared to show announcements, upcoming events, advertisements, etc...
  • When the feature is available, members can select and schedule Amharic Bible Trivia that they can show to their congregation until the event starts.
  • Members can post testimonials.
  • When the feature is made available, members can schedule Amharic Bible verses that they want to be display on a given day.

Non-member services are services that are available to everyone accessing our website. These services include the following.

  • All users of our website can search public song lyrics.
  • All users can display public song lyrics on projector screens.
  • All users can search public song lyrics by some words of the lyrics, by song or singer name.
  • All users can submit song lyrics which will be added to our database by our Online Mezmur team.
  • All users can select or search and display Amharic Bible verses on projector screens.
  • All users can print public song lyrics.

Online Mezmur Features

At Online Mezmur you will find Amharic Bible and Amharic song lyrics. Our main goal is to privide Churches a one place tool which they can use to show various items on their Church's projector screens. We also add new features that users request if the request is related to our goal. Currently, the following features are fully operational on our website.

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