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Our Team

         Mesfin Yisma

My name is Mesfin Yisma. I am originally from Ethiopia. I came to the United States of America (USA) in 1991. Upon my arrival into the USA, I studied Computer Science at Jamestown College (JC) in North Dakota. I graduated with Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Computer Science (Major) and Mathematics (Minor). After graduating in 1995, I joined a computer software company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and started working there as a software developer. Today, I am in the same company and work as a Senior Software Engineer.

Prior to 2010, for many number of years, I had disappeared from Christianity. But, in 2010, God came into my life in a very remarkable, unforgettable, and caring way and He changed my life forever. By His grace I began to love, thank and honor Jesus Christ more than I ever did in my life previously. I am very thankful to God for giving me this amazing second chance. This second chance I got from Jesus was filled with joy, power, love, peace and uncountable forgiveness. Because Jesus Christ was so wonderful to me I could not resist serving Him.

After God returned me back to Him in 2010, I have served our LORD Jesus Christ in many wonderful ways. I continue to serve Him today in what he puts into my heart and in what our Church, community, and other Churches need. Each service that I give to the LORD became so love filled that I get from it immeasurable joy. Since serving the LORD is honoring Him, I look forward to discover in what other ways I can serve Him.

Since 2010, I have served the LORD, our Church, local Churches, and our community in many different ways utilizing my expertise, knowledge, time, and money. In all these I enjoy worshiping the LORD and love to see others worship, praise and love Him too. For many years and still do I serve the LORD in showing song lyrics on projector screen in our Church during worship time. I also serve in our media department recording and transmitting our services to social media. I have served other local Churches by giving them training on video recording and transmitting to social media and by recording their conferences and major events. More importantly, the word of God is integral part of my life and I share it with others every opportunity I get. Godly songs contain the word of God and these words of God have the power to touch people. Therefore, I love showing Godly song lyrics on projector screen during worship times.

Recently, God put into my heart to develop a web based lyrics display site that Amharic font using Churches can use. Out of that was born and I quickly started it in January, 2019. Today, the major features of are complete. I have several other pages to complete including adding more song lyrics. Today, any Amharic font using Church can start using using Chrome browser during their worship times. So, use Chrome browser and check every page of to see how you can use it in your Church.

Jesus Christ is LORD. God bless you and stay in touch by letting me know how is used in your Church.

Mesfin Yisma
February 2, 2019
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